Thursday, February 13, 2014

Funky Chicken

I've been in a funk...trying to figure out where to go with my quilting. I guess this is the "post project let-down"...I've nearly finished Anita's quilt, Debbie Scroggy of All Quilted, in Oregon did the's amazing! Check out her site at
I just need to bind it and get my label from my sister at Running Hen I also made this quick little runner out of Moda Table For Two charm pack...half a yard for backing, a bit for binding and she's done...and sold!
When inspiration hits, it's amazing how fast projects can go! I've come up with a new project, a quilt for my Auntie...I've cut the centers, now I just need to find the rest of the farbic :) And a final picture...of what we had in the Pacific NW last weekend:
These are dear daughters #1 & #2 playing in the snow! Thanks for stopping by! ~Diana