Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beautiful October!

In Oregon we can usually count on Indian Summers...pretty weather, warm days and cool nights. Well, not this year. Labor Day came with rain...and it did not stop. We broke a rain record in a LOT! 5" of rain! That's a ton of much rain. Then October's been beautiful! Cool mornings, sunny days (my teenager actually complained that she has to dress warm in the morning then take clothes off to cool down in the afternoon...I told her if that's all she has to complain about then she should really shut up! Love you Shannon :)) This was Sunday...big guy was SOOOOOO happy in the sun!
So, instead of being inside sewing, I raked, my neighbor came by and trimmed my tree and we just enjoyed the glorious day. This was the big guy later that evening:
He's snoring here...chasing bunnies in his dreams...can't complain! There's always the evening to sew! And right now, my yard looks like this:


  1. That's what I did yesterday, too! It looked lovely after 2.5 hrs of mowing & hauling to the garden!! But now it's covered with leaves again...oh well. I think I'll mow it again tomorrow & take a break today.

    1. Mine is still leafless...waiting for that tree to unload :)