Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Stash~Binging

Molli Sparkles

Commisions have been good, and I've been on a "tear" buying fabric.  This will have to end soon...

Last on the bandwagon with Pearl Bracelets!

For a cute baby quilt, the animal fabric was on clearance at $5/yard
so I had to buy it...and those spots...perfect (tho not so on sale)

Olivia also on clearance at $5/yard

Gorgeous fqb that I just had to have

For another child's quilt.

I will diet...soon!


  1. That's great that your commissions have been good lately! I think I might have a FQ of a pearl bracelet, but maybe not... so you might not be the last on that bandwagon! :)

  2. Those Oliva prints are always so cute :D I've never bought it because I don't often sew for children, but whenever I see it anywhere, I always kind of want it.

  3. Diet? Nah, no need for that! Those pearl bracelets are really versatile, so you will be able to fit them into everything.

  4. What fun pieces- and you can never have too many pearl bracelets!

  5. Those are all wonderful fabrics, I love the pearl bracelets.