Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WIP WED/Let's BEE Social

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It's been a while...funk again I think. My daughter, Aubrey@ jaqta@blogspot.com (Just a Quilter Trucking Along), is  now on the road with her husband, on their log haul trucking adventure.  Before she left, we did some pretty heavy sewing on a Quick Curve Ruler Double Wedding Ring quilt for my niece and her future husband, who will marry right after Christmas.  It kind of burned me out, and my machine!

I hesitated to take my machine in...figuring it was going to cost a bundle (who knew my undercarriage could have SO MUCH LINT!  Even using Aurifil!), but I took her in, and the guy fixed her right up and I brought her home and started sewing again!

I've joined a group that makes quilts for kids, helps to "justify" my fabric addiction, and gives me inspiration and a purpose with my quilting.  I've finished 2 quilts, and am working on my third!

Here's one that's done: (guess I haven't taken a picture of the other one...for shame!)

Here's the other one that's done:

And here's the one in progress:

Check out my daughters blog~she got to go to Missouri Star Quilt Company for her 21st birthday...said that was way more exciting than being able to go to a bar and drink (but she did, 'cause she can).  Her goal is to check out quilt shops as they truck along, so, a fun quilting travel log! 



  1. What a lovely thing to do - to make quilts to donate. I know what you mean about a project being so big it burns you out. I am glad you have these fast fun kid quilts to work on.

  2. Oh my, I do know about burning out on a quilt! I made wedding quilts for two of my children. They each have King size beds. It took me a year to make one. I ground to a halt on one for a couple of months. The most recent I'm still working on. I've totally stopped working on it now. I have so little time for quilting anyway. I'm going to have to just buckle down and do it.
    I love your baby quilts. They're so colorful and sweet. What a kind thing to do.

  3. So glad to hear you have joined up with some other girls to make quilts for kids, Diane. Each of your finishes is very pretty. And they are sure to be appreciated. You do good work!

  4. Fun quilts! I have found that Aurifil thread made more lint than any other thread I've used, especially in my long-arm quilting machine. "Everyone" uses it, so I had to try it to see what the hype was all about. I will never use it again!! My machines are so happy with Connecting Threads threads, and they are so reasonably priced.

  5. As usual, you're creating a lot!! Keep up the good work!

  6. Those quilts are so happy and bright!! They will definitely bring smiles to the children who receive them.