Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Stash and Aubrey & Me!

I went to a small quilt/craft fair on Friday, with my good friend and fellow quilting enthusiast Cindy Borders. We had a great I said, smallish show but I did find some fabric, Bugs, and kitties and mushrooms, oh my!
And sheep! I had missed out on the green sheep fabric at my local store and I was SOOOO happy when I came across a booth that was ALL SHEEP, all the time!
That night, my daughter Aubrey, came over to sew. She is making Christmas stockings for her husband and herself. We had a slight mis-calculation when cutting the back (mirror image, duh) so we wasted a little fabric...fortunately the backs are solids, so no huge tragedy. Here's her progress:
And my grand-puppy was here to help, of course!
That's it for Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!

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