Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunday Stash~Basket Overload

Molli Sparkles

There is a place in Portland, OR called FABRIC DEPOT. It is, quite literally, a football field of fabric, notions etc. It's not a place for me to go when I'm not sure what I want to do...I get pulled in so many directions.

They were having a 40% off sale Friday & Saturday, and I thought I'd be smart and go on Friday night when nobody was there. WRONG! Apparently, I'm not the only quilter with a "good idea". After 3 hours, I had pulled this for a specific project I was working on:

Fabrics to go with Leah Duncan's Meadow line, to be made into a project inspired by Erica Jackman's recent blog I got twenty one 1/3 yard cuts (only 7 yards!) and I still need to find more. No hurry, this one will be for me...I think!

I'm just a bit pooped!  Back to work for now on my baby quilts! :)

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  1. oh that shop IS overwhelming. But lots of good stuff!